Let them be little…coz they’re only like that for a while!

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Kids seem to grow up with the blink of an eye. One day they are cranky li’l monsters and the very next they appear to have matured.

When N was born, how I wished him to be 1… so that my sleepless nights would be gone,

When he was 2, I wished him to be 3… so that he would be diaper free,

At 3 I wished him to be 4… thinking when he’ll start school I’ll work a little more,

Now that he’s 5, it seems he has grown up with the blink of an eye!!

The little monster has suddenly turned to a caring, understanding and sensible little man. He often surprises me with his maturity.

It’s hard to forget some of the conversations we have…

N (looking up from his Lego Box): Mom, why are you worried?

Me (surprised): Not at all!! Why do you ask?

N: But your face looks worried!!!!

That’s when I realized that probably I WAS stressed out with work, managing people in office and home. A little boy who didn’t seem to be bothered by anything other than his toys and friends had noticed the expression on my face and was actually concerned about it.

All small kids have a certain kind of behavior – not wanting to come back from play, no end to TV time, tantrums in the mall etc.

And when you get used to such behavior, the little ones start to mature – They start coming back from play on time, stop asking for ‘one more toy’ in the toy shop, stop running around in the malls etc.

It’s a very normal process of growing up, but the doting mom in me at times feels bad seeing such ‘mature’ behavior. I often sit back and ponder… is my baby growing too fast??

The mother in me always wants him to be my ‘baby’ and the woman in me wants him to be a mature, caring, affectionate little boy. It’s a feeling of pride seeing him grow into such a lovely boy and at the same time there’s a ‘not so good’ feeling seeing him grow too fast. There are no more kisses every minute, no more tight hugs throughout the day, no more ‘ mummy-mummy calls for everything… looks like time is running too fast!!



A while back, I was again lost in such thoughts when my little man cried…mummyyyyyyyyy come soon… I need your help in changing clothes!!

I go and tell him – N, you need mom for everything… when will you grow up???!!! With a big smile on my face 🙂


Let them be little…coz they’re only like that for a while!