6 thoughtful gifts every new mom would love !

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gifts for new mom

Being a mom is probably the biggest milestone in a woman’s life. The whole experience is filled with lots and lots of mixed feelings. Love – Joy – anxiety – sensitivity and a whole lot of them!

To make the experience pleasant and easy, we have compiled a list of products that are a must-have for every new mom. They make great gifts for baby showers and new born parties.

  1. Nursing cover:

A nursing mother is often pinched by the dearth of safe, private areas where she can feed her baby comfortably outside the home space, and so she usually decides to make breastfeeding strictly a home affair.

A nursing cover comes in handy in those trips away from home. It can be easily worn while nursing, has a small pocket to hold a few nursing pads or wipes, and is light enough to fit in a handbag.

It can also be used as a light blanket for the baby to protect her from the sun, wind etc.

Makes a great baby shower or a new-mommy gift!

  1. Diaper changing set :

This is another must have for moms on the go! The pouch is big enough to carry few diapers, wipes and mat, all in one place. The diaper change mat is compact, easy to fold, wipeable and washable.

Perfect for travels, it is made of soft cotton on one side and waterproof material on the other and is lightly padded to make it soft enough for the baby to lie on.

It can be wipe-cleaned and easily folded to fit in the case. The mat & case will fit any diaper bag easily.

Needless to say, it makes a great baby shower and new mommy gift.

  1. Bibs & burpcloth :

Its rare to see a baby without a bib!

A must have for keeping up with the drools and food spills, these bibs and burpcloths are reversible with soft terry on one side for easy wipe & flannel on the other.

  1. Newborn sleeping bags:

These sleeping bags make a very thoughtful gift for new parents!

They are perfect to keep the newborn warm and cozy throughout the night, allowing the mom also a peaceful sleep.

It has a side zip fastening for easy access and a cushioned support for baby’s head.

Smooth cotton lining makes it super comfortable against baby’s delicate skin.

  1. Summer blanket:

Babies need blankets anywhere and everywhere.

These double sided blankets can be used as a playmat for your little one’s tummy time, a sun cover when you are out, a sheet to lie on when the baby is sleepy and a soft cozy blanket during the night.

  1. Hooded towel:

A soft hooded towel to cuddle the little one after bathtime, as well as dry their skin. The hooded corner slips onto the baby’s head to keep them warm, and the large towel is the right size to wrap around baby.

They are perfect for taking to the pool and beach too.

Personalized gifts with the baby’s name and date of birth mentioned is a sure winner in the gifts list.

For many other options, explore kadambaby optins. We are always glad to customize produts for new moms and babies. Do get in touch!


6 thoughtful gifts every new mom would love