10 things to carry on beach trips with kids

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Summer is here and along with the warm weather come beach trips & swimming sessions. We have compiled a list of things that you must carry with you when you are on any such trip with your kids.

  1. Anytime nap bag 

This one is not just for beach trips, they are an essential on any road trip with your kids.

A set of bag, blanket and a small pillow, this anytime-nap bag is an easy to carry, super cozy, all-inclusive sleeping system. A perfect bag for little ones who always need a nap on the go.

The bag can be taken in a car for a trip or even sent to preschool with kids for their nap-time.

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  1. Travel Activity kit 

This one is also a must have on any road trip or outing with your little one.

Travel drawing kit is a great way to keep your kids busy and entertained while you are on the go!

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  1. Wet bag

Keep wet and dry items separate while on the go with these convenient Wet / Dry bags.

Their water-resistant interior and secure zipper protect your bag from swim items, messy diapers, clothes and more.

It is made of a double layer – 100% cotton exterior and waterproof interior.

With washable and reusable design, it is really a wonderful waterproof baby diaper bag / beach bag and is a must – have.



  1. Swim drawstring bag

This is another waterproof drawstring bag for your child’s trips to the beach, swimming lessons or sleepovers.

This drawstring bag is perfect for carrying all your child’s essentials.


  1. Bathrobe or poncho & Summer hat

A bathrobe or poncho is a must for drying up your little ones after they are done playing in the water.

Easy to wear or slide on, kids love them as they don’t have to keep wiping themselves up with huge towels.

My little one loves to be in a poncho on the beach even after he’s all dried up. He loves the cozy feel of the soft terry on his skin.


  1. Diaper changing set

This is another must have for moms on the go! The pouch is big enough to carry few diapers, wipes and mat, all in one place.

The diaper change mat is compact, easy to fold, wipeable and washable.

Perfect for travels, it is made of soft cotton on one side and waterproof material on the other and is lightly padded to make it soft enough for the baby to lie on.

It can be wipe-cleaned and easily folded to fit in the case. The mat & case will fit any diaper bag easily.


  1. Sunscreen of SPF 50 or above. Reapply it on the little ones every two hours to protect their soft skin from sun burns.


  1. Beach toys are a must have with kids these days. Get a set for them and sit back and enjoy their creativity!



  1. Light cotton clothing

It’s always good to keep the little ones in light cotton clothes. The breathable fabric controls the body temperature and keeps them comfortable. Cottons, muslins, light cotton jersey etc. are fabrics that you should choose for the little ones.

  1. Medicines

A pack of medicines is a must on any trip. Do a double check for tummy medicines as the little ones pick up infections on the beach easily.

And lastly, a book for you to relax… Just sit back and watch your little ones play around while reading a wonderful book!

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10 things to carry on beach trips with kids